Rafal Pavilion

  • Rafal Pavilion

Project details

“Pavilions” is an aspired and quiet location in new Addereyah district, north west of Riyadh city, near Hanifa valley representing the prospering growth of Riyadh city; hence, a convenient link to any destination throughout the city as it lies between the North Ring Road and the new Ring Road (King Salman), making the community few minutes away from vital areas… It forms a serene lifestyle and away from the city’s clamor and congestion, taking you to an environment worth working in.


The “Pavilions of AlRabia” concept , was innovated as a solution base to an exclusive calm work environment, addressing the kind of natural elements work best in terms of cognitive boosts of nature can help people during working hours.
Combining the elements of greenery, water, and calmness, our engineers and product concept development have long argued that landscape architecture need to make courses on improving human health and well-being a central component of our “Pavilions” offices. While garden designers have long focused on zooming in on what forms of nature have the greatest health impact at work.

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